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Positive Affirmations

Unveil the power of positive affirmations for your skin conditions and skin insecurities.

Skin Diagnosis

Diagnose your skin condition using AI technology with one simple click on your smartphone.

Skin Wellbeing

Learn and engage with others on mind and skin connection and improve your overall skin well-being.

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Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations heal the mind while medications and treatments heal the skin.

It is essential to be stress-free and maintain skin positivity as you undergo treatments for your skin condition.

Users can choose from multiple categories of positive affirmations, including “Skin Positivity,” “Stress Relief,” “Managing Depression,” “Overcoming Anxiety,” “Self Love,” Thankful and Grateful”
to best fit your skin wellbeing goals. You can also write, or voice record your affirmations, choose to add music to your affirmations or share freely with friends and family via email or text.


Diagnose and screen 44 different types of skin diseases instantaneously.

Users can access reliable and easy to use API to diagnose your skin condition. Top 5 ranked skin condition results provided in seconds

Users can obtain quick customized diagnosis or directly access qualified dermatologists.

Ideal for users who need a quick diagnosis from a simple click on their smart phone and or users who may want to proceed with an online consultation with a qualified dermatologist

Users can obtain quick customized diagnosis or directly access qualified dermatologists.

Skin Well Being

Achieving your skin wellbeing goals starts with healthy habits of Positive Affirmations, Breathing, Exercises, Meditations, Mindfulness, Sleep, and Skin Health routines

Engage an active community of other users and experts to continue to learn and immerse yourself in exciting topics on mind positivity


With MyTracker you can seamelssly track your experiences daily as you work towards your desired skin wellbeing goals.

Conveniently jot down thoughts & feelings about your skin daily

Track your feelings by answering few LoveMySkin questions

Add a desired image to your journal with one click of a button

Share your journal entries with healthcare providers as you wish

Use the calendar view to monitor progress over time

Obtain real-time update on your total journal entries for the month

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