Bola Ajakaye

LoveMySkin, CPO

Audrey Ajakaye

LoveMySkin, CEO

Meet Us

Meet Audrey and Bola Ajakaye, the dynamic duo behind “LoveMySkin,” a black-owned beauty and hygiene website and marketplace.

Audrey is a beauty enthusiast and University of Pennsylvania student who is passionate about skin health and promotes skin positivity worldwide. Bola is a digital innovation enthusiast, a scientist by background, and a digital technology executive with an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Audrey’s lived experience with eczema and skin positivity from a young age inspired her to create LoveMySkin and advocate for skin health equity. She later joined forces with her mom to expand the LoveMySkin skin health and skin positivity platform with a vision to help close the long overdue gap left by limited representation of products and services catering to black and brown skin tones in the beauty and hygiene industry.

LoveMySkin, is a platform where customers can seamlessly discover a community of “skin lovers”, buy products including for skincare, haircare, nailcare, and fragrance while discovering beauty and hygiene related services to serve their personalized needs. LoveMySkin is an inclusive platform where everyone is welcome to be part of our community!

From natural grooming products to non-toxic nail polish, the LoveMySkin platform has something for everyone. The platform also incorporates digital AI technologies such as skin diagnostics to simulate personalized in-store experience for our consumers.

Audrey and Bola are proud to be a part of this community of “skin lovers” and look forward to helping to shape it into the future by partnering with beauty and hygiene brands and skin care/skin health professionals to provide our customers with the best online experience that they deserve.

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